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female worker at work on computer desktopComputer Network Installations

We focus on developing, installing and upgrading custom solutions built around the needs of your individual business. We thoroughly research your needs and create a solution that incorporates both your long-term and short-term planning.

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Computer Hard Drive Data Recovery

Data loss can be an incredibly stressful ordeal. Recovery involves restoring access to damaged or corrupt data on the disk. The are innumerable techniques for doing so, and knowing which are appropriate to use in which scenario is a very consequential part of the task. Learn More →

Windows Server Data Recovery

No other category of data loss is more serious than losing data on a server. Server crashes, security breaches, and other data loss incidents can result in profit losses. When no backups remain, data recovery becomes essential.

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End User Tips for Best Practices

From establishing secure passwords to reading e-mail, we’ve got a list of best practices that we recommend your end-users follow.

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“I just wanted to say ‘thanks’ for being able to restore our accounting services computer. You pulled us through a really stressful event and we came out of it miraculously thanks to you” – Janis Young 

Network Installations, Upgrades and Maintenance in the San Francisco Bay Area.

For over 20 years, we have been providing cost effective Information Technology (IT) services to small businesses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer a wide range of IT services ranging from network planning, design, and installation to maintenance and support. We install, upgrade, and support Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003 for local area and wide-area networks.

At LoneTree, we know that your computer network is an essential platform for your business and has a direct effect on efficiency and profitability. For many small businesses, staffing an internal IT department can be inefficient, costly and distractive; the ongoing knowledge and training costs needed to maintain an IT staff to can outweigh the life cycle of your hardware, software and peripherals. We can help you to reduce IT costs, and improve on the efficiency of your network.

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